England's Fast Bowler apologizes for racist and sexist tweets

Ollie Robinson, England's fast bowler, had difficulty when his racist, sexist tweets were online just after the bowler debuted on Wednesday at Lord's in Test against New Zealand. Targeted Muslims and Asian were the nine-year-old tweets of Robinson.

The debut of Robinson was a dream beginning. He was selected by the bowlers on the first day of England's Summer test match, where he took two crucial wickets. The day turned sour, though, as his tweets made social media rounds.

Tom Harrison, CEO of England and Wales' (ECB), stepped in and snapped at Robinson, saying he was disappointed by the disgusting tweets, no matter how long ago. He said the ECB has a zero-tolerance policy and will undertake a thorough inquiry into its disciplinary process.

Shortly after, Robinson made a statement apologizing and saying that he was ashamed that he would say these things. He stated that his acts were inexcusable and regretted that he made such remarks.

"I am confused by the racist and sexist tweets I had posted eight years ago, which are now made public, on the biggest day of my career to date. I want to clarify that I'm not racist and that I'm not sexist," said Robinson.

"I deplore my conduct deeply, and I'm afraid to say that. I was unthinking and irresponsible, and my acts were inexcusable regardless of my state of mind. I've been a person since that time, and I regret the tweets completely," he added.

Robinson said that he would try to further educate himself and try to improve himself.

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