Facebook Messenger gets Some New Features

Now it's Messenger's turn after Facebook has completed the rollout of the app. The company is pushing Facebook Messenger with many new features that give consumers another reason to stay on the platform. For example, the latest version provided a new quick response bar for media viewers, QR codes and payment links.

Now users won't have to return to the main threat if they want to attach a file. In addition, this new fast reply bar makes conversation easier than before. Instead, all users must tap on the photo, video, and other files with a new feature and send a response via the fast response bar at the bottom of the display.

The new QR code and payment links feature is another addition. This feature will be very useful for users who want to send or request Facebook Pay money. Even if they're not connected on Facebook, anybody can use this feature. Although this feature is only available in the US at this moment, under messenger service settings just below Facebook Pay, users may find their own personal QR code and own payment link. These QR codes may be shared or requested for money among individuals.

Furthermore, Olivia Rodrigo, World Oceans Day, and F9 are adding several new chat themes. Both Messenger and Instagram provide these new conversation topics, and users may get them through their settings by selecting themes and choosing the theme themselves.

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