Facebook Removes Public Debate Manipulation Accounts in Pakistan

Facebook removed 40 fake accounts, 52 pages, 6 groups, and 28 Instagram profiles from Pakistan to miniplate debate on its platforms in May.

In addition to the focus on English, Arabic and Pashto language audiences throughout the world, unauthenticated treatment is primarily aimed at home audiences in Pakistan, according to the Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report for May 2021.

Facebook traced fake accounts, pages and groups to AlphaPro, a digital media marketing company located in Islamabad.

Facebook has also taken down 83 fake accounts, 30 pages, 6 groups, and 49 local Sudan nationals' accounts on behalf of the Russians.

Overall, last month, after an exhaustive internal investigation into suspicious coordinated inauthentic behaviour, Facebook removed 123 fake accounts, 55 pages, 12 groups and 77 profiles from Instagram.

Since 2018, Facebook has begun issuing monthly reports on its platforms for coordinated abuse. The social media giant sees coordinated misbehaviour as misinformation campaigns to expand the political divide.

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