Facebook will Treat All its Users Same

Facebook plans to treat all its users in the same way. Following the suspension of the former U.S. President's account, Donald Trump, the independent supervisory board of the company endorsed reforms that would allow politicians to "monitor all users in the same way."

Facebook Inc. will soon be ending the policy that protects politicians against some content moderation rules. "What would be a major policy change for the largest social media network in the world." The Verge reported.

World leaders and politicians who have broken their standards numerous times have a terrible time on technology platforms. Unfortunately, politicians always have got to their way and are more self-sufficient than ordinary users on Facebook and Twitter Inc. platforms.

It also provided neutral recommendations that are to be fully addressed by Facebook. For example, while it stated that Heads of state and government officials might have more power to harm, it thinks that the same rules should apply for all users.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said for a long time, "The company should not have the political speech of police politicians.'

Currently, the third-party data monitoring system denies politicians' postings and advertising. The exception for newsworthiness permits politicians to flout the rules and make provocative postings on the website if the public interest is greater than the damage done. "Considerations of 'newsworthiness' should not be given priority when immediate action on the platform to avert 'significant harm' is needed," the Board recommendations emphasized.

The Board also proposed that the existing Facebook policies should be properly conveyed to typical users, for example, 'the need to convey to people when it is too worthwhile to delete information or when to take action on an influent account.'

Six months ago, Facebook was given by the independent supervisory board for a "proportionate reaction" in the Trump case that would enhance, permanently ban or suspend its accounts for the former president for a certain time. However, Facebook has still not decided if the accounts of the former president will be restored.