FBR Exceeds 11 Months Tax Revenue Target by Rs. 173 Billion

The Federal Revenue Board (FBR), which is representative of Rs. 173 billion, has collected provisional taxes of Rs. 4.167 billion in July-May (2020-21).

Top officials in the FBR said Propakistani had an increase of Rs. 4,167 billion (2020-21) over the same period in July-May (2020-21), from Rs. 3,532 billion (2019-20) in tax collection by the Federal Revenue Board (FBR). After the compilation of final figures, the FBR income collection should reach Rs. 470 billion.

In May 2021, the FBR collected Rs. 386 billion provisionally, representing an increase of Rs 29 billion, compared to the monthly target of Rs. 357 billion. The provisional revenue collection in May 2021 was Rs. 386 billion against Rs. 229 billion in May 2020, representing an increase of Rs. 157 billion.

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