First solar eclipse of 2021 on June 10: Know the detail and time

On 10 June will be the first solar eclipse of the year. This eclipse will look like a "fire ring."

In Russia, Greenland, Northern Canada, North Asia, Europe, and the US, the eclipse will be observed.

Karachi University Professor Dr. Javed Iqbal has stated that the first Solar Eclipse of 2021 was observed in Pakistan as a Space Science and Technology Institute Director.

According to the professor, the eclipse can take place from 1:12pm Pakistani time, while it is at its peak at 3:42pm and is likely to end at 4:34pm.

Annular eclipses occur when the Moon – between the Earth and the Sun – does not lie as close as possible to the planet, leaving a thin ring visible to our solar disc.

They happen every year or two, and only in a narrow path across the world can they be observed.

A solar eclipse happens around two weeks in the earth's shadow before or after a lunar eclipse. About a half of the Earth's surface shows lunar eclipses.

On 26 May, we had the latest lunar eclipse that was also not visible in Pakistan.

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