Google Launches a New Search tool to help Fight food insecurity

The Google search engine giant has revealed that a new website is developing as a "one-stop-shop" with food insecurity for the general public. Find Food Support includes a tool for food location using Google Maps that allows users to find a food bank, a food shop, or pickup programs for school lunches in their region.

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In addition, the firm works with the US Department of Agriculture and nonprofit groups such as No Kid Hungry and FoodFinder to make 90,000 places offering free food aid in the country.

This new website was a creation of the Food for the Good team, which had been recently formed under Alphabet's X moonshot division, previously referred to as the project delta. Project Delta's main ambition is to "build up a smarter food system" which includes standardizing data to enhance food supplier communication to alleviate food waste.

Food insecurity is often defined by a lack of continuous access to active, healthy living to sufficient food. During the pandemic, over 45 million, of whom 15 million children are included, had seen a sharp increase in people who were dealing with food insecurity.

During 2020 Google claims searches for "food bank close to me," the SNAP, "food stamps app," and "school-lunch pickup" reached record highs.

To de-stigmatize food insecurity, Google is also posting 5 new films on YouTube. The website includes links to food support services, guidebooks on state benefits and information for specific communities such as the elderly, families, children and military families.

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