Google Will Allow Users to opt-out of ad tracking on Android

Apple made a major change in the latest iOS 14.5 by asking App Developers explicitly to request permission from the application to track user information for personalized ads. In the collection of data, Apple wanted to increase its privacy and openness to its customers. After Apple, Google stated that Android users would shortly be allowed to opt out of ad tracking.

Developers from Android 12 will no longer access the Advertising ID of the user, and if asked, a zero string will be returned.

Android phones now feature the option of "Personalization option for ads." In Settings >> Google >> Ads, you'll find this option. However, Google will give an alternative analytic and fraud prevention way with the upcoming Android 12 change.

The advertising identifier will not be made available starting from the end of 2021, when a user opts out of interest-based publicity or customization of an ad. Instead of the identifier you receive a series of zeros. Google stated. Google said.

According to Google's support website, the update will start at the end of 2021 on smartphones running Android 12. This update will be received in early 2022 by all devices supporting Google Play Services.