Google’s Android app Bug Gives Blank Search Results

Google App is one of the most widely used platforms that have kept the information connected to us. We just flip to Google and search it for every bit of information. But things are not always streamlined, since we can't get a blank search page with our internet connection. But the worst scenario in our days is occurring. Due to the issue that hit Google's Android App, we got usually a blank screen over the recent couple of weeks.

The bug is working like a magic on a number of smartphones like Samsung, Google, and OnePlus devices. If it ever comes to you again, instead of becoming angry, cool down and give it a second try, the company tries to fix it. Just close the Google app for a little and try again, since this is presently the only temporary solution.

In addition, you can change to chrome for some time as Chrome search results don't bounce the blank reaction back. For a while, Chrome is the best thing to do.

Since the number of people have tagged Google when reporting, Google is aware of the bug and will surely update to eliminate the problem. As search is one of the most significant companies, with revenues for the company of $104 billion last year, it can't be ignored.

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