Google's First Folding Pixel Mobile Phone Launched in 2021

A pixel phone that folds! Are you serious? Does that happen now, really? Yes! Yes! Yes! For the first time this year, Google plans to debut its folding pixel phone. The news has been circulating on the internet for a long time, and finally. In early 2021, Google filed with the WIPO a patent detailing various hinge mechanism designs, two of which were accepted.

Advertising leaks and inside the rumors, The Elec, a Korean website, disclosed that by October for Vivo, Xiaomi, and Google launched phones, Samsung would join hands to produce folding OLED screens that also fold. By this year, each foldable device is rumored to launch.

The 'passport' is a Google folding pixel phone codename, according to the rumors. It will start with the main features of Pixel 6 and 5G. The phone may be foldable according to the details provided by The Elec with a 7.6-panel screen. It will fold similar to the Samsung Galaxy Folds as indicated by the name of the codename.

However, it is sure Google would create or use Samsung panels to design the phone display itself. But Google can expect to develop the display because the idea is far-fetched. Before, such as Apple and many others, Samsung partners supplied multiple big brands. It's Google this time. What they come with and what qualities of wonder are for us will be interesting.

The launch will surely be a huge success with two big names up to something.