Government to Promote Students of 1-7 Grade Without Exams

In all schools operated by the center because of a COVID-19 pandemic disturbance, the federal government has decided to promote students of grades One to Seven without exams.

According to the officials concerned, the government chose to conduct student reviews solely in grades V and VIII. A summary was given to the appropriate authorities by the Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Education Directorate. Students receive the next grade as per the requirements they obtained the previous year. Classes I to VIII pupils were also promoted last year based on prior examinations. As a result, the next class was promoted by 90 percent of the students.

Meanwhile, the government of Sindh stated that schools for 9- and above-class students will be reopened on Mondays. Saeed Ghani, provincial Minister of Education, tweeted this.

"With strict SOPs, the Sindh Corona Task Force has agreed to reopen 9th and above class educational institutions from June 7 (tomorrow). Everyone has to get vaccinated," he tweeted.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government also revealed the summary of Monday, when the virus cases fell in the province, of all private and government medical colleges and universities.

The competent authority was happy to order that all public & private Medical Universities/Medical Colleges, Paramedical/Allied Health Sciences Schools/Colleges, be opened with effect from 7th June 2021 after this department has issued a notification of Even No 27-05-2021 Read a provincial health department notification.

The government has meanwhile decided to reopen all of the province's universities. A notice was issued in this regard by the KP Higher Education Department to instruct universities in the public and private sector to respect strict compliance with SOPs announced by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC)

The decision for dispersed reopening was following the previous decision taken by the NCOC to reopen all schools in the province until 7 June.

On the other hand, the strength of COVID-19's third wave is decreasing gradually, with a country positive for the sixth consecutive day below 4%. Throughout the previous 24 hours, Pakistan performed 52,427 tests, 1,629 of which have been positive over the period of the last 24 hours.