Health Experts Warn Government Against Reopening The Educational Institutions

Health experts urged the decision of the Punjab Government in haste' to reopen education institutions starting next week.

They reminded the government that the schools were opened last September again in three phases, and until then, no more than 50 cases of coronavirus had been reported for at least five weeks in twin cities.

They also said that in October 2020, educational institutions began an activity at all levels, with 140 cases reported after three months from the twin cities.

In November 2020, the second wave of coronavirus affected the country, and more than 420 cases in Islamabad and Rawalpindi were reported in this country.

They warned that the present situation was much worse than in October 2020, when 3,833 cases from the twin cities were registered. In the meanwhile, in May 2021, the area reported 8,315 new cases. Despite these data, the government decided within one week to begin education activities.

The experts have called on the government to reconsider its decision to reopen education institutions since the pandemic is still prevalent. The situation might worsen if people do not comply with and do not inoculate the SOPs of coronavirus.

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