‘IT Mein Paisa Hai’ Program Introduce to Motivate Youth Towards the IT Sector

In information technology, Pakistan is undoubtedly a developing country, although everyone in Pakistan is talking about this. Pakistan has to increase its IT development game to the globe with a population of millions. IT plays a critical role in practically every area of life for development and advancement. Remote employment, homework is becoming a standard worldwide. Unfortunately, just 20 percent of individuals are looking at their IT careers.

'IS Mein Paisa Hai' anthem by Gaper is the new slogan that urges Pakistan people to choose their workflow using IT-based talents. It's distinct from the idea of the theme. It is not that the individual should just view work or career money factor. Instead, it underlines the importance of start-ups, free-marketing, digitalization, foreign enterprises, etc. You have to appreciate the huge turnout and profit achieved in recent start-up programs here.

Gaper is a technology company with every objective of training software engineers. By designing business models that are located everywhere, the enterprise addresses the IT demand-supply gap. When firms are short of software developers for poor financial or other reasons, Gaper was rescued. Their slogan "IT Mein Paisa Hai" is aimed at making all school children's parents heard. IT is not a secure job for their children in Pakistani parents. The truth is the other way around.

CS students have no doubt the same potential for doing well, but they do not achieve the required results due to the learning environment or the lack of resources. This talent gap is wanted by Gaper to be eliminated. We are hoping for advances in the IT industry and a brighter future.

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