Japanese Company 'Bold Investment' taking Interest in Pak Tech Sector

Because of the increased expansion and potential of the country's promising technology industry for enterprises, a Japanese business in Pakistan has launched its investment arm. The bold Investment firm, a corporation established in Tokyo, is aimed at the tech industry, assisting investment and acquisition enterprise development.

Their increased management role is based on their expertise in building, growing and reorientation of different firms. In March 2021, Ogitsu Co., Ltd., and 6 of its group firms in Japan bought ITL Holdings Ltd., a bold investment group firm. The corporate climate continues to include fusions and acquisitions. The company added that procurement and financing are focused on enterprises with a strong foundation developed by committed entrepreneurs.

Casey Shiga, who lead the Bold Investment International Merger and Acquisition division, said: "We see huge potentials in the Pakistani market as an international company development group in working with technology contractors and enterprises to establish a long-term relationship to rapid growth. In Pakistan's progress towards developing its technology sector, entering Bold Investments is anticipated to deliver sustained investment and a solution for entrepreneurs.

Its IT exports, alone, have crossed 2 billion dollars and are based on digital adoption, reaching 183 million mobile subscriptions and 43 percent in that country. Bold Investment has acquired and invested in companies across the world in Japan, the UK and Asia.

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