Jeff Bezos will fly to Space next month with his brother

He goes to space, Jeff Bezos and his brother accompanied him. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the decision in an Instagram video. He says he would take a racket developed in the Blue Origin Space Company by him and his brother Mark on July 20. In May, the company told us that the date for the first voyage by the crew will be scheduled but did not reveal whether Bezos would be on board himself.

Bezos, 57, said on Instagram on Monday morning. "Well, I wanted to go to space since I was five years old. "I shall depart with my brother on this adventure on July 20th." I started the most amazing journey with my closest friend and me.

Blue Origin planned for the first time on 20 July to start New Shepard with passengers aboard. The journey into space will be short because New Shepard is a suborbital vehicle. The entire experience takes around 10 to 15 minutes from beginning to end.

While Blue Origin did not indicate the cost of normal tickets, the company stated that it would give one seat to the winner of a month-long Auction. The deal started on Monday morning at 2.8 million dollars, but it jumped to 3.2 million dollars after a Blue Origin announcement.

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