Kamran Kamal Takes Charges HUBCO

Kamran Kamal was declared to be appointed new CEO by Hubco, Pakistan's biggest independent power producer (IPP).

Kamran succeeded the 8-year-old Khalid Mansoor who managed the firm. In the last six years, Kamran had previously been a member of Hubco as the CEO of the company's hydroelectric subsidiary, Laraib Energy Limited.

Prior to this, he was Vice president of China Power Hub Generation Company (CPHG C), a HUBCO-China Power International Holding Joint Venture (CPIH). The choice of Kamran as the new head of the firm is a tribute to Hubco's trust in his domestic talent.

"The energy countryside of Pakistan is full with options. The unparalleled technological expertise, pioneering approach to company and strategic geographical presence of HUBCO gives us the unique ability to exploit these opportunities for our country," Kamran Kamal said.

"I'm delighted to take HUBCO to improve our approach to producing shared value over the longer term without ever losing sight of our society's future," he said.

Kamran is a leading expert in energy, infrastructure, commodities, business and strategic development with more than 18 years of growing responsibility and leadership. In both the management roles - Executive and Board he was responsible for significant capital projects, capacity growth and general company performance.

Kamran possesses a Harvard Master's degree and a Georgia Tech, USA BSE in Electrotechnics.

Kamran has formerly handled Fertilizer, Coal, Oilseeds and Sugar Trading Portfolio, Engro EXIMP FZE, where he oversaw the Commodities Trade Head. He has transformed the firm into new regions and commodities. Kamran also participated in large energy & infrastructure projects during his employment at Engro, including Thar Coal Mining & Power Plant, LNG Floating Terminal and RLNG-based power plant.

Under the leadership of Kamran, HUBCO will focus on maintaining its market position as a leader via the focus on renewables, commercial power market model and sustainable solutions diversification.

Hubco is strengthened by its understanding of the power sector, its regulatory environment and its knowledge of working in close collaboration with key external stakeholders.

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