KP Will not Longer Hire Lower-Scaled Permanent Employees

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has chosen not to permanently employ lower management teams in government departments.

Following the specifics, the vacancies for lower cadres will be deleted when the government officials who are now in the post have retired.

"These lower-category roles now employ 7,500 government officials," the report revealed. It also showed that those who now works as permanent staff will stay till they retire.

After 46 cadres have been removed from various Government departments, the Finance Ministry has requested a report outlining recruitment and the retirement of employees from lower cadres.

Earlier, after discussions with stakeholders and considering the problem of growing pension responsibilities, the provincial government reversed its employees' retirement age from 63 years up to 60 years.

They have also drawn out a pension reform plan to make things easier for pensioners.