KPL Announces the Date of KPL Player Draft 2021

The Player Draft Event scheduled for 3 July 2021 was announced by the Islamabad Kashmir Premier League. This drafting comprises international players from 6 to 16 August 2021 from the domestic, national and emerging players.

The Chairman of the Kashmir Committee pointed out in his speech to Mr. Shehryar Afridi that KPL's launch was unambiguous. He also added that the League has got complete support from both the national and the government of Azad Kashmir.

The KPL management, including President Shahriyar Afridi, Chairman Kashmir Committee and the Minister of Federal Economic Affairs Mr. Arif Malik, KPL president and Mr. Shahzad Akhtar, CEO KPL the representatives of the franchises, held a colourful event on Saturday. The event also featured the honourable guests of the KPL.

Federal Minister Omar Ayub Khan said that the Kashmir Premier League will be a mega-event for the region in response to this occurrence. It tells the world what is going on in Occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir on the other side.

Addressing the event, the Chairman of the Kashmir Committee, Mr. Shehryar Afridi, has expressed his entire support for the Government of Pakistan and the Azad Kashmir government. There is an opportunity to put it in the front. The work to maintain the KPL going on for two and a half years.

He said, when the concept of the KPL came up, we didn't see whose political party was in power.

Furthermore, Mr. Afridi said that nobody knew the two legends in Pakistan from Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. Still, they have won their position at the top of this sport with hard work and determination. Now KPL is an opportunity for the emerging player of Kashmiri to show their worth and talent to this world because each team has two Kashmiri origin players.

He said that the KPL will be a milestone in tourism and economic growth in the region. Mr. Arif Malik, President of the KPL, has said that young talent is the objective of the Kashmir Premier League. As a result, the whole globe will show a new image of Kashmir and Pakistan.

After KPL, the players in Azad Kashmir will build up a high-performance center. Before every season of the KPL, athletes will be trained in the Center. In addition, the KPL president told about the 13-year Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium Tournaments contract with the Azad Kashmir Government.

The director of Cricket Operations, Mr. Taimoor Khan, said that the drafting of KPL would also involve foreign players. Among the international players in the category are Dilshan, Herschelle Gibbs, Owais Shah, Tenu Best and Abby Morkel.

The franchise was ordered by the traditional Khel Pagan Pugai to choose the platinum. First in the new Platinum selection was Bagh Stallions, followed by Kotli Lines, Third by Muzaffarabad Tiger, Four, Fourth by Mirpur Royals, and last by Rawalkot Hawk's Platinum selection. Thus, from the 4th through the 14th of August 2021, the Kashmir Premier League occurs in Muzaffarabad.

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