Latest update of YouTube Android TV Adds Playback Speed Controls

Compared to the YouTube and mobile application, YouTube for TVs always gets the new features late. In the current version, Google seems well supported for YouTube Android TV playback speed controls. This feature had long been available on the YouTube website and in mobile apps.

You may slow down or speed up a video based on your preferences with the new update for the YouTube app for Android TV. The option displays in the expanded menu when you play a video so that several remote taps are available to access the options. You may then speed the playback from 0.25x to 0.5x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x speeds once you have the option.

Playback YouTube speed controls for TV aren't completely new and are coming to the Android TV/Google TV port only now. However, Samsung, LG, and other TV platforms already have the capability.

On the other hand, YouTube is working on its Android app in a floated comment section. The new feature lets you scroll through the whole comment area on YouTube video. As we see in the live video, his work is a little different. No words are available for all users while the feature is available. However, YouTube is optimistic that it will bring this feature to Android users very soon.

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