LG Shuts Down its LG Pay Payment Service

We all know LG's smartphone business has shut down. The firm has now decided to complete its service once more. LG Shuts It's launched LG Pay for its own handsets down payment service LG Pay. It is currently shown on the website of LG Pay.

There is no definite shutdown date for LG Pay; however, the people who use LG Pay may always switch on their LG devices to Google Pay. However, LG Phones supported by LG Pay are not supported on Google Pay any further by the magnetic stripe feature.

LG Said,

Thank you for your valuable LG Pay customer! We regret to tell you that the remainder of 2021 will be phased out and discontinued by LG Pay. There will be further details.

LG started its own payment service in 2017 with the payment information of rival Google and Samsung. The service fell in 2018 to new mid-range equipment and was only open in the USA, supporting magnetic stripe terminals until the summer of 2019.