Microsoft Office for Android Introduces a Feature to Record Voice Recordings

Microsoft's office is one of the most used and its mobile app is really useful since without opening our laptops, we can read and edit all the important documents. Office in Microsoft launched some features last month, making users more comfortable than before. In May, the MS office app received dark mode support, and its Android version now has an additional feature: the ability to record voice.

This feature gives users with live speech-to-text transcription a promising experience. This feature is better than before, i.e., sending simple voice messages. The firm has added other benefits, such as synced texting during playing and sharing material by exporting it to other Microsoft 365 apps and services. At the same time, this feature is a major addition to the MS family. This feature is currently only available for subscribers of Microsoft 365.

It allows the partition and transcription of the input between speakers.

How does the Capture Voice Recordings feature work?

  • Open the Android device Microsoft Office App.
  • To the bottom of the Home tab, click on the "+" button
  • A pop-down menu appears; choose Voice to start voice capture under the Quick Capture option
  • Speak now to record and tap the finished button. This notice is saved as a voice card.
  • Select the appropriate voice card to play for highlighting text to watch your recording.

This ability to record voice is used by all those users who have selected English as their own language so that you may receive it soon.