Microsoft Windows Expected to Arrive on October 20

Last week there were lots of reports about the Microsoft Windows 11 launch on the internet and we believed it was just a couple of days ahead. Microsoft undoubtedly launched Windows 11 last week, but the launch revelation that OS "coming this Holiday" is confusing. Since it isn't very specific, we can definitely have a concept that Windows 11 will be available in October when we take a closer look at the images released.

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The following is the Microsoft promo material on Windows 11 which confirms October 20 in the taskbar launch date.

Microsoft Windows Expected to Arrive on October 20

In addition, when we found a message from Stevie Bathiche to Stevie's Microsoft Windows and Devices leader, Panos Panay, stating, "Can't wait for October!" our concerns about the launch date were further confirmed by this!

Microsoft Windows Expected to Arrive on October 20

There is no doubt that we all looked forward to Windows 11, which is said to be packed with amazing features. Microsoft has updated the taskbar and start menu among many other features. Inspired by MacOS, Windows 11 is still present with style-centred taskbar icons and items like clocks and icons. The left side of the interface is empty, and Windows should be there.

A new start menu with a completely redesigned user interface places it in the middle of this updated design. The top of the new menu is a search bar and below are the many recommended items. In addition, the firm updated its Windows 11 store application.

So wait another 3.5 months for Windows 11 to enjoy.

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