Mozilla Improves Security with Total Cookies Protection Feature

It is quite important to protect yourself from such traps in this era of hackers and unwanted activities. Companies are also responsible for their users and should take precautionary precautions to protect their users. Mozilla has developed a "Total Cookie Protection" feature activated by default in Firefox 89 to provide security to its users.

This feature limits the usage by browsers of web cookies to be shared across websites and stored in separate cookie jars that save users' identity. In February, users who had chosen Firefox 86 for strict improved tracking protection (ETP) mode February initiated total protection for cookies. With its advantages in view, Firefox has enabled this for all Firefox 89 users.

How to get this new Security Option?

To acquire this new option, people don't need to do any particular thing. Simply switch to a private browsing window to obtain total protection of cookies. Open a private window by tapping the Application Menu button >> New Private Window option. You can also use CTRL+ Shift+P on a Windows or CMD+Shift+P on a Mac computer to go to a Private Browsing window. You may also perform this same procedure.

Mozilla told about the advantages of Total Cookie Protection:

A separate cookie jar will be provided for each page you visit in a Private Browsing window where Firefox will maintain cookies to this site only. Total Cookie Protection does not only cover cookies, but also a variety of browser technologies used to follow sites throughout a website."

Web browsers have always enabled websites to share private cookies.