New Design for Microsoft's Office is Revealed, We are in AWE of it!

A 64-bit arm native version for better performance on large and/or picture heavy documents is available in Microsoft Office's new Windows 11 design, as well as the 64-bit add-ins support in the next edition. The latest Office version is still in beta and is available only for Office Insiders.

According to Microsoft, ARM64EC is an ABI for Windows 11 on an ARM that is interoperable with x64. As a result, developers may create apps that use ARM64EC for some activities and modules while using x64 for others. In addition to the new look, Office will adapt to your Windows dark/light mode, so you won't have to worry about accessing a document late at night and being blinded by the light.

The new design and layout of the Microsoft office are consistent with Windows 11 and the Office theme matches the default to the Windows topic. The Quick Access Toolbar is presently hidden behind the belt and may be accessible by clicking the right-click or selecting the options for ribbon display.

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When installing a 64-bit version of office on ARM devices running the latest Windows Insiders edition, the Office installation system runs ARM-optimized versions of office applications automatically. ARM Office will feel and perform from installation to use in the same way as Office on Intel-compatible CPUs. One way to make sure you use an ARM-optimized Office version is to view the version number.

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