New Modified Version of Twitter Will be Released Soon

In Australia and Canada, a new modified version of Twitter will be available soon. The new Twitter is going to be the Twitter Blue subscription offering. The new app allows paying users to modify their tweets before posting and may alter their app's colour theme.

Jane Manchun Wong, the Twitter software engineer who is famous for reverse engineering applications in the technology industry and has discovered new features before the launch, presented a thorough overview of the feature in the previous month. It moves forward from paying a subscription as it works to gain a constant new income source and expand throughout its primary advertising sales business on the platform. Twitter Blue is the first subscription offering for the social media company.

Twitter users have for years been asking for an edit button to alter tweets and may now set the timing of up to 30 seconds, then give them a window to click a "undo" button and alter tweets in advance.

The new feature also allows users in bookmark folders to organize their saved tweets to discover content easily later. In addition, a new 'reader mode' on the site, Twitter says, will make it easier to read longer threads of several tweets.

In Canada and Australia, respectively, Twitter Blue will cost Canadian dollars $3.49. And Australian dollars $4.49. According to the Apple App Store application details, the service will cost $2.99 a month in the US. Although Twitter Blue was not yet available to US users, the firm has not given details.

The "edit" feature on Twitter is also sorted by the rest of the world's users when it is still up to the remainder. So, either with paid or free subscriptions, the "edit" option will come to the rest of the user. Another question to consider is if the remainder of the user is happy to opt for the paid release or "try to be very careful in their writing."

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