Nintendo Plans to Switch Pro with OLED display and more in this year

The Nintendo Switch is one of the world's most popular mobile gaming devices, featuring quality console titles to enjoy. But the system stayed untouched until last year when speculations of a new Nintendo Switch Pro arise following its first debut in 2017.

In June, in time for the Nintendo Switch Pro to arrive in the 2021 Christmas season, Samsung wants to start mass manufacture of panels. Anyone who has been looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X shop for many months would be glad to know that a new 4K system is on the horizon. Would you, however, believe it? Unnamed insiders are the sources for the report.

Little is known about the gadget's inside, starting with the Switch Pro. On the other hand, according to Vandal, Switch's pro-variant would sport a 7-inch screen larger than its existing 6.2-inch display. The display has an OLED display and thinner bezels rather than an LCD display on the current model.

It is reported that Nintendo will also improve the output resolution of the future Switch, enabling 4K TV output. The 1080p output is greater than in the current TV model of the Nintendo Switch.