Now compose your e-mail using a Microsoft Outlook Voice Command

Microsoft Outlook is a software for Microsoft's personal information manager offered in the Microsoft Office suite. Although primarily an e-mail client, Outlook also incorporates calendar, task management, contact management, note-taking, logging, and web browsing abilities. Microsoft has a speech feature in their mobile Outlook App, allowing users to write an email and arrange meetings using a voice command. This feature is enabled by a Microsoft virtual assistant, which is initially enabled for iOS in Outlook and then is supplied with Android.

This feature is reflected by the new sign + icon in the Outlook mobile app. When the Plus button is clicked, the voice note option will soon be added to the icon plus the files or calendar entries and request different things. In addition, you may attach files to your e-mails just by using your voice commands.

Apart from including the voice, Microsoft is also presenting a new scheduler service from Microsoft 365, which allows administrators to arrange meetings as a backend to the service and respond to e-mails.

Now you can organize, update, and turn on Outlook your organizers with these new features. The dictation allows you to use Office speech-to-text content using a microphone and a secure internet connection. The way to write emails, send answers and capture the tone is fast and easy.