OnePlusTag will be launched this year to compete 'Airtag’ of Apple

Smartphone manufacturers have expanded their product ecosystems to include some new products. First, smartwatches, and most recently, items were followed up by wireless earbuds. Samsung and Apple have already joined the Tile-controlled industry with their SmartTag and AirTag devices. According to a new brand, OnePlusTag may be next.

OnePlus has recently filed an application for a patent citing OnePlus Tag and other OnePlus items, according to the latest sources. On 18 May 2021, the OnePlus patent was submitted following the patent database, which said that work on the product had just started.

For a future occasion, the prospective item tracking tag may be saved. The Nord 2 should be introduced in the summer, and a OnePlus 9T variant in the autumn would not be unexpected.

If such is the case, the device will be similar to the Apple AirTag and Samsung SmartTag features.

There is no information at this moment about the price, the date of release or other features. When the company is ready to launch the Nord CE 5G in the next few days, OnePlus has not made any articles or announcements regarding OnePlusTag.

Oppo is also said to develop an OnePlusTag for item tracking. Since OnePlus and Oppo worked closely with each other in previous years, onePlus may be a rebranded version of Oppo's offer.