Output of large-scale Manufacturing Industries Increased by 12.84% YY in FY 2021

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the overall percentage of large-scale manufacture (LSMI), as opposed to July-April 2019-20, has risen by 12,84 percent compared to July-April 2019-20. (PBS).

The LSMI output climbed by 68.07 percent in April 2021 compared to April 2020 and declined by 6.99 percent compared to March 2021 according to the provisional large industrial Quantum index (QIM) statistics.

In July-April 2020-21, the LSMI Quantum Index Number (QIM) was reported at 149.99 points compared with the same period of the previous year at 132.93 points. The LSM data from the PBS collected by the Provincial Bureau of Statistics (BOS), the Oil Companies Advisory Board (OCAC), and the Ministry of Industry reveal that OCAC registered a year-on-month increase of 1.32% compared to the previous month in April 2021 and of 85.76% compared to April 2021.

Data indicated that in April 2021, the Ministry of Industry saw a 9.55% negative growth on an MoM basis compared to March 2021, whereas in April 2021 it recorded a 99.67% growth year by year compared to the same month in 2020.

In April 2021 BOS recorded negative growth of 2,67 percent compared to the previous month in connection with the data from LSM on the BOS month after month, while in April 2021 BOS reported an increase of 24,12 percent compared to April 2020, according to the data of PBS.

Production of textile, food, drinks, tobacco, cooking and oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, non-metallic mineral products and of fertilizers, fertilizers, iron and steel and paper, and board products increased in July-April 2020-21, while production of wood products, engineering products, electronic products, and leather products declined. Production of non-metals has increased since July-April 2019-2020.

Tobacco and food products have grown by 13.15%, coke products, and petroleum products by 17.5%, pharmaceuticals by 11.85%, chemicals 17.87%, automobiles by 37.89%, non-metallic minerals products by 24.60%, fertilizers by 6.33%, iron and steel products by 12.15%, and paper and board by 1%. The industry's main contribution to industry output has been 13.15%.

In July-April 2020-21, electronics accounted for 12.90% compared to July-April 2019-20, engineering products were 20.61%, leather products were 33.33%, rubber goods 13.08%, and wood production 41.34%.

Oil products grew from 10.074 billion liters in July and April 2019-20 to 11.839 billion liters in July-April 2020-21, whereas the year-over-year production of the petroleum industry grew from 662.837 million liters in April 2020 to 1.231 billion liters in April 2021. Their output grew by 85.76 million liters.

During July-April 2020-21, elevated diesel recorded growth of 24.22% as its output remained at 4.595 billion liters in comparison with 3.699 billion liters in the same period in the same period last year and growth of 68.34 percent in April 2021 and remained 459.617 million liters in the same period last year as 273 million liters.

Furnace oil has recorded a 76.68% of output increase, and stayed 217.64 million liters in April 2021, compared to the same time last year, with 123.18 million liters in April and 13.25% in July and April 2020-21.

In April 202, motor vehicle spirit increased by 139.17 percent and remained 325,98 million liters in comparison with 136 million in April 2020. The growth in July-April 2020-21 was 33,34 percent, while 2838 billion liters was still maintained over the same period last year compared to 2,129 billion liters.

The LPG enjoyed growth of 33.30 million liters in April 2021 and remained 72 million liters in April 2020, up from 54 million and 13.38 percent in July-April 2020, and stayed 729 million liters in the same time last year compared with 643 million liters.

Jet fuel oil saw a 163.95% increase in April 2021; 51.67 million liters remained, compared to 19.57 million liters in April 2020, and 22.99% in July-April 2020-21 517 million liters remaining in April 2021 compared with 671 million liters last year.

In 2021 kerosene was 110,49 percent higher than in April 2020 and 11,95 million liters higher than in April 2020, compared to 5, 68 million liters and July-April 2020, and stayed 97,97 million liters higher than the previous year's 91,31 million liters.

Sugar had a 16.45 percent increase over the July-April 2020-21 period, remaining 5.644 million tonnes over the same time last year as 4.846 million tonnes and a 16.74% negative growth over April 2021, which remained 0,25 million tonnes over the same time last year, up from 0,30 million tonnes.

In July-April 2020-21, cement grows at 25.36 percent and has stayed at 41.845 million tonnes, compared with 33.379 million tonnes, and has grown at 27.44 percent in April 2021, while remaining at 4.226 million tonnes in the same time last year, compared with 3.316 million tonnes.

The number of tractors in July-April 2020-21 was 65.26% more than in the same time the previous year, with 41 327 numbers remaining compared with 25008 numbers and 168.31% higher in April 2021, with 4 674 numbers remaining over the same period last year, compared with 1742.

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