Pakistan Made Covid Vaccine 'PacVac'

Pakistan started their own Covid-19 'PakVac' vaccine one week after its announcement and successfully developed it with the support of China CanSino Bio. Dr Faisal Sultan, Prime Minister's Special Assistant for National Health Services, said the possibility to overcome even the most difficult challenges is always available at the ceremony.

He said, "In overcoming Covid-19's challenge, we discovered our friend China closest to us," Dr Sultan noted that, since the necessary standard should be unhooked, it is a callous process and demands some work to develop a raw material vaccine. The struggles and hard work of the National Health Science Institute (NIH) personnel should be respected by all, and the local vaccine production will be launched in the next few days.

Asad Umar, the chief of the NCOC, describes the "day as being an important one for Pakistan." "Only nations focused on increasing their knowledge and being able to transfer this knowledge equation for technological progress," he continued about vaccine achievement. All the country is proud of the vaccination team, Umar said.

Not just for Pakistan but also for the whole globe, is this epidemic a challenge. He noted the situation concerning Pakistan and the spread in many parts of the world was not that grim. Umar played an essential part in the treatment of the pandemic in Pakistan. He said efforts were being made at the countries' existing hospitals to bring about rapid and effective changes. He said that health and education are not only the epidemic but the government's key focus.

"The higher education budget has increased by two years, while the health budget has tripled," according to the Minister. Umar added, "We saw in only a matter of months a huge 'revolution' going to take place here in this country before our eyes."

In the end, the NCOC chief quotes Allama Iqbal, who knew Pakistan will be great.