Pakistan Students Want to Learn from India

Pakistani students voice their concern over on-campus and on-the-spot examinations through rallies and social media online campaigns.

On Wednesday, Shafqat Mahmood, Minister of Education and Professional Training, declared that all the tests will be held individually throughout Pakistan.

The Punjab Board of Chairmen Committee released the timetable for Matriculation and Intermediate Examinations 2021 previously.

But with the hashtags #cancelboardexams2021 and #Shafqatmahmood, pupils tend to Twitter. They have tweeted their perspectives on the deprivation and emotionally traumatic pressure of sitting tests during the epidemic. Students share India's example of how to cancel examinations in the context of the epidemic.

They ask how they can be examined physically if they did not take any physical lessons.


A student also pointed out, why can Pakistan not do the same if the Indian government cancel examinations?