Pakistan to introduce electric vehicles by the end of 2021

The most important cause of pollution is cars driven by fossil fuels. While there are many options for converting people into electric cars globally, Pakistan has only lately begun to look at this mode of transport.

According to Prime Minister Amin Aslam, Special Adjunct to Climate Change, the most expected electric cars will be released by 2021 in Pakistan.

In a private press interview, he indicated that it will lead to economic development, pollution reduction and job creation.

He noted that electric rickshaws and motorcycles have already been introduced to decrease carbon emissions in keeping with the government's Green Pakistan policy. In his perspective, electric cars reflect the future of the transport sector in Pakistan.

He said the government will shortly introduce a national park service, which would include more local people in running national parks to conserve the area. It would help to increase income.

He said it was a credit for Pakistan to host World Environment Day and promote the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.

The Pakistani moved quickly to deal with climate change, he noted by mentioning 10 billion planting trees, the ban on single-use plastic bags, electric vehicle policies, green buildings, proper waste management, clean drinking water, 15 new national parks, melting glaciers projects, natural insulation and smart agriculture projects.