Parliament To Become Paperless By January 2023

In the recent news, IT and Telecommunications Minister Syed Aminul Haque said that, by January 2023, all the parliament proceedings in Pakistan will be left on paper.

This was said by South Korean ambassador Suh Sangpyo during the event of 'Islamabad IT Park' where the Minister stated:

"By January 2023, the consultant was recruited to digitize the parliament. All notices of call, postponed motions, participation, voting and other companies will be made online using technology."

In addition, the minister noted that the MPs should be trained to familiarise them with the technology. To emphasise the new era of technological advances, a paperless cabinet meeting has been organised.

However, one of the fundamental measures to accomplish Digital Pakistan's goal and create additional infrastructure in the IT sector to create a stable relationship between academia and industry was the establishment of the IT park. To boost connectivity across the country, over Rs. 31 billion had already been invested during the last two years.

In all the steps taken, Pakistan's export refunds for IT increased to $1.70 billion in July-April of the fiscal year 2020-2021, with a growth rate of 45.80%.