PCB Announced Punishment for Bio-Secure Bubble Breach

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to apply stringent Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 to ensure a smooth and uncomplicated tournament rest.

Sources show that if a bio-secure bubble protocol is breached, players may face a ban of four match playing, with a penalty of 25 to 100 percent match fee. Violations have been classified into three categories, including minor and major breaches.

In the removal of a face mask, when travelling close to other players and before entering the ground, if a player is guilty of a minor violation, the players will either be warned or fined 25% of their fee. Repeating a minor violation may lead to a 3-match ban with a penalty of 75%.

If a player has guilt or deception without a doctor's approval for covering up COVID-19 symptoms, test reports, or going to the insulation room, that may lead to a four-match ban and 75-100% inappropriate. This would be considered a major violation.

Together with a penalty from four matches and a 100 percent penalty, it will lead to immediate quarantine.

If you find that a player breaches any COVID-19 protocol, he or she could appeal the decision during the first 24 hours. In the next three days, the violation facts will be re-examined, and the decision is announced.