Provinces to Take Final Call On Grade 1-8 Exams: Shafqat Mehmood

On Monday, the Ministry of Education told the provinces and schools that final examinations for classes one to eight were held internally all across the country.

The clarification followed fake media reports that the Federation has stated that it will promote students up to grade seven.

"It's up to individual schools and provinces to know what is best," clarified the ministry's press release.

"No guidance has been issued by the Ministry for 1-8 exams. Islamabad, which is directly within the Ministry, was asked by the Federal Education Directorate (FDE) to permit the grade 8 exams accorded.

While talking to Dawn News, Shafqat Mahmood said provinces and even private Islamabad schools might decide to hold inner exams in these classes.

The minister said the Federal Education Directorate (FDE) requested guidance from the government on class 8 exams. However, the Minister said that the directorate should decide on these exams when asked about classes 1-7.

However, as recently agreed by the Interprovincial Education Ministers Conference, it was clear that Board tests (for classes 9-12) will be held nationwide after 10 July.

According to sources close to this subject, when the Education Ministry urged FDE to hold exams for class 8 regarding its proposal, it had a wrong impression that students up to 7 would be promoted without exams.

But the issue has finally been clarified because the Ministry let the FDE and Federal Capital's private schools decide on Class1-7 exams.

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