Punjab Announces the Exam Schedule for 1-8 Classes

The Punjab government has announced an exam schedule for classes 1 to 8 students. On Monday, when all education institutions reopened around the country, the decision was notified.

The notice states that examinations will take place between 18 and 30 June for classes 1-8. Schools released their results by 10 July.

Read the notification, "Please follow government-issued SOPs."

Previously, the Punjab Department of Higher Education (PHED) stated that it will carry out intermediate exams on all boards throughout the province from 26 June and Matric exams take from 14 July.

However, the decisions have been made in September to take Class 9 and Class 11.

The Punjab Board Committee of Chairmen (PBCC) had decided earlier on 18 May to schedule the province Matric Exams on 17 June and Class 9 Exams on 27 July.

The Intermediate Part-1 exams were given to the respective boards from 11 August and the Part-2 exams from 2 July.

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