Punjab Develops Mobile efficiency Apps Parents and Teachers

Education Governor of Punjab Murad Raas has stated that two distinct mobile applications would be launched in the state for school instructors and parents.

When he talked to reporters about this new development, he said that the applications will give a range of safety measures that enable instructors and parents to answer questions and problems via their computers or mobile phones.

He noted that teachers may now benefit from services, such as holiday applications, and get pension notifications on completion of tenures, among other features "The new government measures that will be proposed will be the first time a government takes to facilitate teachers."

The provincial minister said that they may now choose suitable schools for their children concerning a separate mobile app for their parents.

"If they move to another residence, parents can obtain aid from the application for local schools."

These advancements in the academic context of Punjab are a handful of major measures done by the State Government to facilitate and guide school instructors and parents rapidly.

Further information will be sent in due time on receipt of these applications.

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