Realme X9 and Realme X9 Pro Expected Specs Revealed

The price and features of Realme X9 and Realme X9 Pro were predicted when fresh phone leaks appeared on Weibo. These smartphones will be introduced in September 2020 as a successor to the Realme X7 series. The leaks include the price of the Realme X9 and Realme X9 Pro smartphones and key specifications. The report also shows that phones will significantly update their predecessors. This year is expected to introduce the Realme X9 series, although the exact date is not certain.

Reports on leaks show that the Snapdragon X9 contains the latest Qualcomm 778g chipset and ranges from $313 (about Rs 49,000) to $390 (approx Rs 61,000).

The Realme X9 Pro should be fitted with a refreshing rate of 120 Hz and curved fore-edges. It can come with an AMOLED, and it is rumoured that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC is put into the device. The price of Realme X9 Pro will range from $390 to $470 (about Rs 61,000). (around Rs 74,000).

A 6.55-inch display, android 11 OS based on custom skin, dual SIM compatibility and 7.8mm dimensions are provided in the Realme X9 Pro. The Realme X9 Pro. A pro edition 2200mAh battery will be added, a total capacity of 4,400mAh dual-cell battery and a fast capacity of 65W, packed with the Realme X9 Pro. A picture shows the matt reversal surface of the Realme X9 Pro Master Edition. The LED camera module is rectangular, and it has the lens of a quad camera. The volume buttons are on the left side of the device, whilst the power button is on the right side.

According to reports, smartphones are most likely to come in September 2021, but they have not revealed the date of release this year.