Russia Lifts the Ban on Import of Pakistani Rice

Two years on, the Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research, Syed Fakhar Imam, stated that Russia has withdrawn its embargo on imports of Pakistani rice.

Minister Imam talked to the media and stated that Russia withdrew the ban after Pakistan had complied with the NPPO Russia's phytosanitary regulations and criteria.

He noted that applying quarantine and rice phytosanitary norms will improve Pakistan's exports.

The Minister stated that a significant share of the recovery to the Russian markets of local rice exports was performed by the Ministry of Trade, the Department of Plant Protection, and Plant Quarantine in close coordination with the Trade Minister of the Pakistan Embassy in Moscow.

Initially, four Pakistani companies were licensed to export rice to Russia by the NPPO Russia. In Karachi, there are two, while in Lahore and Chiniot, there are the other two. The license for other rice having gone must be examined by the Russian NPPO and the Pakistan Plant Protection Department (DPP).

The Minister said that the success has been achieved by the concerted efforts of the Food Safety Ministry, the Trade Ministry, and the DPP.

This year, Pakistan boasts record rice output, and agriculture has to be returned to the mainstream.

He stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan is aware of agriculture's importance and that expenditures for this sector would be made in the future budget.

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