Samsung's SmartThings app overhauls adds new User interface

Using mobile devices and IoT devices from Samsung? If yes, Samsung has opted to provide you with exciting home experiences with its SmartThings app. This SmartThings app from the future generation may be found on mobile and windows desktops and facilitates our lives. In addition, the firm has now incorporated an interface that is simple, robust, and faster than before because of its increasing popularity.

User input is based on the revised UI, which divides SmartThings into five key sections: favorites, devices, life, automation, and menu. Each of these parts offers users connected home experiences via discovering new features and the recommended practice of the previous application.

These are the five sections subdivided:

  • Favorites: A new home display that provides fast access to the most common appliances and gadgets.
  • Devices: With this new feature, users may view and control all gadgets like TVs, luminaires, devices, etc.
  • Life: Users may discover the increasingly linked world of the living and innovative services that may turn physical things into a fantastic experience from these locations. Life:
  • Automation: links equipment to work together and respond to certain situations more effectively.
  • Menu: all other items, like SmartThings Labs, Notifications, History, and Settings, fall in this part.

It is fantastic to see Samsung's platform overhauled once more to provide it with a much-needed refresh. The new SmartThings app will be available on Android smartphones and Windows PCs, with the next-generation UI. This new experience will soon also be available to iOS users.