SHC has been informed of new educational establishment in Sindh

It was notified that the Sindh High Court (SHC) will announce the establishment of the Sindh Education Policy Oversight Council in a week. The SHC's mandatory education committee will monitor public education to address the deficiencies.

The selection of a chairman of the Sindh Technical Education & Training Agency, STEVTA, a political figure and not an educator, was headed by Justice Salahuddin Panhwar at the SHC Single-Judge Bench. However, his office has been set up in the STEVTA headquarters and has received an honorarium, including the use of expensive vehicles.

The Department's Additional Secretary of Finance also asked Justice Panhwar to provide information of the received support unit funds, monitoring evaluation, and HRMIS and inform the Department of Special Incentives.

The bench was informed that it was without consultation with the School Secretary that the Chairman of the Sindh Textbook Board had to be transferred. Justice Panhwar observed that Sindh's Chief Secretary must ensure that every transfer in the education department is carried out after consultation.

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