Snapchat Adds Language Learning Lenses

Snapchat has launched 'learn language' lenses for languages to help people learn new languages. The company is now extending it to include new languages, starting with English. Lenses basically mix machine learning and increased realism to identify 1000 objects for this feature to perform well. After the items have been recognized, lenses are translated into the several languages selected to their names. This whole process is carried out without delay in real-time. The company introduced last year lenses for Hindi, Urdu Kannada, and Marathi language learning.

Atit Kharel, a member of the snap lenses family, developed these new Snapchat lenses for languages. As mentioned above, a few languages have first been introduced by the company, so users can easily learn it by looking for 'Urdu Learn.'

Kharel stated as he was talking about the new lenses,

"The cultural variety in India and the spectrum of speeches here have always fascinated me. The goal was to make it interesting and simple to study Indian languages, particularly for new learners. Increased reality may be interesting and make learning easier and more interactive."

In the celebration of the World environment, on 5 June, Snapchat has also unveiled nine new Bitmoji. These Bitmojis have been used throughout the globe to encourage power and water recycling, gardening, and activities. These Bitmojis are conscious of rescuing the world and making it a better environment for us to live in.