Stack Overflow Acquired By Prosus for $1.8 Billion

In recent news, Prosus has acquired $1.8 billion on the world's most popular website for programming and IT related topics. Prosus is a Chinese mega-game developer and Tencent's principal shareholder, WeChat.

It is one of the 50 most popular websites globally involved with the development community for the last 13 years and still serves 100 million people worldwide when you are not familiar with Stack Overflow. The site was founded in 2008 as a quora-like platform, but for the technology and development of quora. Since that time, the firm has tried to expand, such as the platform integration with Microsoft Teams. Larry Illg, CEO of EdTech at Prosus, said this in a recent blog with the website being a part of Prosus:

"While focusing more and more on the future of job learning, we are pleased to welcome Stack Overflow to Prosus's family. Every type of learning usually begins with a query, and its platform for worldwide developers is crucial when they have queries about their job. There is an option to engage closer to your community via our other education platforms to meet your learning requirements."

Technological training has become the largest and fastest expanding market of corporate learning and development with ongoing talent shortages and constantly changing demands in technology organisations. We understand the demand of engineers and developers, particularly in high-crowd sectors, as an operator for businesses in over 90 countries. To further scale its community on the markets we know well, we aim to enable Stack Overflow Teams to increase their technological learning and cooperation within companies to solve the untapped opportunity they have.

Although Prosus appears fresh to people, it does own foreign assets, such as Naspers' holdings in South Africa. The corporation then sold Tencent shares for about $15 billion in 2020. After their acquisition, Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, co-founders of Stack Overflow, showed their joy in a recent tweet:

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