Starlink — Internet System of Elon Musk is a Healthy Competition, Says Jazz’s CEO

Who is not know Elon Musk? He is one of the world's best trends, famous and rich. Musk has launched amazing programs as a technology expert that stun the world. The endless love of technological success maintains the man at his feet to motivate millions of young to play a role.

Jazz CEO Amir Ibrahim sees it in the Starlink program of Elon Musk as an excellent opportunity to offer fast speed and low-cost service providers in Pakistan. "Projects like Elon Musk's Starlink are actual changers of the game but I really like those who have a different perspective and think like Musk, as he said during a webinar of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics. If Starlink comes to Pakistan there might be disruptions but it would be a golden opportunity for us to learn, look and grow."

"The Starlink Internet has preorder goes as high as 500,000," Musk said.

Amir Ibrahim adds that the 5G network in Pakistan has to stop as half the people do not use the internet, and 15% do not have a service provider. Before we take the next step, we need to improve the present system. We need to assess and alter the policy with the country's system rather than comparing it to other countries.

In view of the scenario, he added that changing existing technologies is better than placing feet in someone else's shoes.

There is certainly a bright future in Pakistan, and maybe in the next years, the country will learn and grow!