Stat Shows Babar Azam is Better Than Virat Kohli Since 2019

Babar Azam, a Pakistan skipper, acquired fame by defeating Virat Kohli and other big names regarding the number of runs in all T20Is since 2019, which is the most ever in Pakistan.

Babar has scored an incredible 1,004 T20I in 26 innings, 12 runs over India's top batsman, Virat Kohli, who scored 992 runs. The hitting opening batsmen in Ireland, Paul Stirling, is third with an impressive 943 runs.

Overall, the 3,461, which have remarkable mean averages of 41.33 and 49.44 cricket in T20I and T20 since 2019, have been chalked by Babar in the shortest format.

Compared to the Pakistani captain, the mean in T20I format is better for large names like England's Dawid Malan and Indian Virat Kohli, while David Warner is just ahead of T20s.

Although Babar could reach six or more lay-offs in terms of experience and batting averages, he tries to do it by scoring more runs. But Babar might perform much, much better by taking more risks, just like many cricketing legends who have graced the ground with his devastating bat display.

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