Telcos rejects this statement by Punjab Govt, 'Your SIM cards would be blocked if not vaccinated'

The government of Punjab has ordered that residents who haven't received the Covid-19 vaccine must stop the SIMs (subscriber identity modules). The Primary and Secondary Departments of Health will be asked to give data on people who reject immunization to restrict their SIM cards to the Pakistan Telecoms Authority (PTA).

However, telecommunications providers around the country have opted to resist the plan proposed by the Government of Punjab to disable SIM cards for anyone who refuses to receive Coronavirus vaccinations. Telecom providers argue that before the mobile phone connection of vaccine-free individuals was proposed, the Punjab government did not contact them to enhance COVID-19 vaccination.

Senior officials from the health department recently explained that 'the decision has been taken to deter and to remove negative coronavirus vaccination propaganda. He added that they had aimed to vaccinate 40 million people (20% of the population). In July, it will rise to 300,000 a day to help us achieve our goal," he said.

The Telcos, on the other hand, believe that it can encourage residents to receive COVID-19 vaccines from the provincial government. An earlier session on mandatory vaccination of COVID-19 was held at the Punjab administration earlier this week to discuss suggestions and restrictions.

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