The Matric & Interexam Schedule of Sindh Opposes Education Ministry

Within a few days, the Sindh government will publish a timetable for the province's Matriculation and Intermediate Examination.

On Wednesday, the provincial Economics Minister, Saeed Ghani, held a media conference and declared that Sindh does not have the test timetable set by Shafqat Mahmood, the federal minister for education and training.

He stressed that while conducting the tests, the Government would ensure strict compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and that the provincial government would adhere to the decisions taken at IPEMC on evaluating Classes 9 and 10 based on its elective subjects and mathematics while assessing the class. While evaluating Classes, he emphasized.

Previously, Mahmood indicated that only elective-based Matriculation and Intermediate tests will occur, adding that "if we don't carry out tests, then the kids would not even make minimal attempts."

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