WhatsApp Will No Longer Limit Features If Privacy Policies Are Not Accepted

It was known before that if WhatsApp users did not approve the impending policies on data protection, they would only check notifications and face user with certain limitations, such as the inability to call or message. However, WhatsApp has already indicated that if regulations are not adopted, they would no longer create limitations.

In addition, the corporation has indicated that it would just remind users to accept its policy, but its reminder will not mean that they stay unchanged. Despite all the fuss over the policies and the controversy over them, many people have agreed to the policies already.

Currently, the messaging application owned by Facebook has revealed that it shares Facebook with more personal data and is stored on servers. Further controversy would most probably depend on the user's belief that the data is shared.

WhatsApp introduced a small update on voice notes and audio messages in other news where users may increase voice notes' playback speed so that users may skim through the voice notes to focus on what they want from those notes.