Will Samsung have a 3D assistant named 'Sam' replace Bixby?

There are many rumours about the replacement of the Samsung Bixby assistant on online and social media platforms. One of the rumours was that a Twitter user dealing with the technological agent was a reliable source. The next assistant is lovely, according to him. The new assistant's name is SAM and is designed by "Lightfam," a visual production company. Samsung's plans to launch a new assistant have been confirmed by many Ligthfam reports and photos.

Although it is confirmed that Samsung works to offer a new assistant, it remains uncertain if Bixby is being replaced or not.

Unbox says Lightfam may have made Sam just later sell it, but isn't it a coincidence that Samsung is also a marketing firm?

When the assistant Sam spoke about the following, Lightfam said: "All the while the team worked on developing realistic materials, mainly for the hair and clothing of the character, so that Sam looked to be aesthetically pleasing. Sam was an unbelievable partnership between Cheil and Lightfarm, which is what we are pleased to be part of!"

The first phone for Samsung to include an "S Voice" personal assistant was Galaxy S III, which was released on 30 May 2012. On 18 August 2017, the final version of S voice was included. However, it was delayed until Bixby's debut on April 21, 2017.

Although Samsung has not shared her intentions for digital assistants, it certainly would be the top digital helper if Sam's legit were to be accepted.

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