YouTube Music Adds 'Replay Mix' Of Your Most-Played Music

YouTube Music now focuses more on its auto-playlists algorithms. The iconic playlist "Your Mix" was renamed, and seven new daily mixes were introduced last year. But now YouTube Music adds to your most-played tracks a replay mix. So the most common songs you have played from the last few weeks will now be added to the list.

This playlist is called the "mix of music that you have listened most in the recent couple of weeks." For those wanting to listen to their favourite tracks again, this feature is helpful. This new Play Mix playlist is shown in the Music App area above the My Supermix list. The cover of this playlist shows the standard blue, green, and record-inspired design.

Furthermore, up to 100 music may be held in the new Replay Mix list. Once the track has been completed, it allows infinite autoplay. YouTube Music's feature compares directly to Spotify's playlist "On Repeat," which also highlights tracks you may have recently heard.

It should be noted here that YouTube works continuously to provide its service with the latest features. It added new features to its Android YouTube TV. In addition, its "Shorts" feature is also rising in popularity. YouTube is confident that the new features will soon be included in its app.

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